Carolina Construction School is offering a basic Confined Space/Trenching & Excavation Class. The class will cover the following topics:

Confined Space – Confined spaces are everywhere. They can be found in virtually every industry. But they are also as unique as the individuals who enter them. Grain silos, sewers, cargo tanks, holds, engine rooms, storage lockers, crawl spaces, tunnels, access-ways, wells, cellars, culverts, vaults, trenches, even rooms within ordinary buildings are all types of confined spaces, and their variability makes specific training somewhat difficult.
The course goal is to focus on general safety principles and provide information that will increase a participant’s recognition of potential confined spaces, improve his/her knowledge of safe operations, and keep them and those around them safe.

Trenching & Excavating – This training will provide information about basic trenching operations to ensure a safe working environment. This will include an overview of soil classification, protective systems, and hazards. Incorporating and applying these standards to a participant’s daily work regimen will increase worker protection and help reduce the frequency of accidents.

Location: Carolina Construction School, 1456 Kershaw Camden Hwy., Lancaster, SC, 29720
Cost: $300/person
Participants will receive certification and a wallet-size card upon completion.

Call 803-286-5553 to register.